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Wiiscrubber Kit with multiloader 1.40

Wii+U Downloads » Other Files
(the download link is dead-- could someone re-upload it? thanks) This is an updated Wiiscrubber that fixes a few bugs a...
00000000000000539192 526.55 KB 00000000000000536885 536885 views

GBA ExpLoader 0.55

NDS Downloads » Applications » Files & Tools
GBA exploader- DS side application used to run GBA code via multiple expansion and older GBA slot devices. This enables ...
00000000000000221028 215.85 KB 00000000000000005993 5993 views

USB Loader GX 3.0

Wii+U Downloads » Loaders & Boot » USB Loaders
This package includes: * V3.0 of USB loader GX * icon.png * icon2.png * meta.xml * readMii.txt * language files ...
00000000000002989012 2.85 MB 00000000000000166684 166684 views

3DS Video 1.33

3DS Downloads » Utilities
Video converter for 3DS. See discussion thread and readme for more details.
00000000000013105137 12.5 MB 00000000000000075138 75138 views

Configurable USB Loader MOD R51

Wii+U Downloads » Loaders & Boot » USB Loaders
This loader combines the best of every loader and allows you to customize numerous options to better suit your preferenc...
00000000000015067985 14.37 MB 00000000000000018701 18701 views

Desmume 0.9.9 JIT

NDS Downloads » Emulators » NDS Emulators
The new JIT version of the famous Desmume DS emulator. Features 'Just In Time' compiling for improved performance with m...
00000000000002021770 1.93 MB 00000000000000048270 48270 views