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WBFS Manager for Windows 3.0.1

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Change log (3.0.1):
* Added Channel Creation support. (Disabled by default, to enable go to Options->Channel Creation and Enable. Follow the instructions provided below.)
* Added "Large Cover View"s, which are two side panels that display the cover for the currently selected item.
* Added Automatically Check for Updates option (Requires Internet access, can be disabled).
* Added the option to cancel batch operations (cancellation occurs as soon as the current item is finished).
* Added drive status indicator under the left-hand list, blue shows amount of used space, green shows amount of used space after adding all entries from the "Games To Add" list.
* Added Help menu option.
* Added direct drive-to-drive copying for drive's with similar sector sizes. Drive-To-Drive copying will now first check if it's possible to do direct copying, if not it will revert to indirect copying.

Fixes (3.0):
* Now automatically requests to Run as Administrator.
* Fixed the estimated size being wrong for some games.
* Fixed an issue with CSV files being exported incorrectly sometimes.
* Save expander states, so the user doesn't have to keep re-opening them each time.
* Fixed Homebrew Channel creation. (Now using WiiCrazy's USB Loader DOL instead of Yal).
* Fixed an issue with the "Estimated Total Size" not updating correctly when games were removed from the right-hand list.
* Now checks the filesystem type of a drive before loading to make sure it's not NTFS, FAT or ext.
* Fixed an issue with games with ":" or other special characters causing issues during batch extraction.
* Fixed issue with game regions showing up incorrectly in initial 2.5 release.
* Fixed issue with RAR files in subfolders not being detected during drag and drop operations.
* Removed thousandth of a seconds from elapsed time in progress bar.
* Fixed mislabled blocks status (was Blocks Used, should be Blocks Free).
* Fixed some other minor issues.
* Changed installer (now prompts for .NET 3.5 SP1 before installing, also gives options for installing langauges, etc).
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