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patchimage 4.0

Patchimage is a riivolution patchscript for GNU/Linux.

Based on DMMs and Wiimms excellent work, I?ve created a flexible patchscript for GNU/Linux. Additionally to riivolution patches, this one will also allow patching ROMs using ips/ppf patches. And more. patchimage allows choosing a custom GAMEID, aswell as downloading riivolution-files, patches and soundtrack (if available).

NOTE: don?t fiddle around with sub-folders in riivolution-files, the script uses files as ?unzip? creates them. No need to modify whatever.

? Well, you need the original game to do this legally, if you don?t you suck.

Supported Games

New Super Marios Bros. 3: The Final Levels [SLF?01]
Newer SMBW (riivolution) [SMN?03]
Cannon SMBW (riivolution) [SMN?04]
Another SMBW (riivolution) [SMN?05]
Newer Summer Sun (riivolution) [SMN?06]
Newer Holiday Special (riivolution) [SMN?07]
Epic Super Bower World (riivolution) [SMN?08]
Koopa Country (riivolution) [SMN?10]
New Super Mario Bros. 4 (riivolution) [SMN?11]
Super Mario: Mushroom Adventure PLUS ? Winter Moon [SMM?02]
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Retro Remix (riivolution) [MRR?01]
The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds (ips)

For more informations like command-line parameters and such, refer to the included README and README.RC.

License: GPL 3 (bundled software: wit (GPL 2), unp (GPL 2), uips (GPL 3), xml-patches (Public Domain), applyppf3 (Public Domain))

Change log (4.0):
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