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NUSD 1.9 'All IOS' script-enhanced database 1.0

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This is just an alternate 'database.xml' version '09/21/2010' for NUS Downloader 1.9 that provides scripted download of all versions of all (non-stub) IOSs. Obviously it would've been nicer to provide this as a separate loadable script, but could find no documentation or examples of the syntax/lexicon/markup for .nus scripts.

Just setup the download of any IOS, then check the boxes as shown in the screen-shot. Next, select "Scripts... -> Scripts (Database) -> All Versions Non-Stub IOSs" and the NUS IOS download progress data should appear as it normally would. The script WILL NOT patch the output no matter what patch options are set. The files to patch any IOS will be available locally so available and/or future patches can be applied as needed. Output should be found in sub-directories of "%appdir%\Scripts\" as shown in the second screenie.

*Requires a working NUS Downloader 1.9

Thanks and Credits go out to WB3000; hope you're arse-deep in bitcoins!

Change log (1.0):
20111005: Added new tag withing element that automates the download of all (non-stub) IOSs.
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