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NSMBW Mod ISO Builder 1.04

NSMBW Mod ISO Builder v1.04
Builder by damysteryman/Team DARK
Powered by WIT v2.22c r4523 by Wiimm

Thanks to Treeki for info on NSMBW dol patching and ISO building
Thanks to Wiimm and Hoowahman for Batch file info and assistance
Thanks to AbdallahTerro for providing custom Banner DL Repository
Credits also to Wiimm for WIT, included in this pack
Credits to Bully@Wiiplaza for All Worlds Unlocked cheat hack,
which is used in Epic Super Bowser World
Special thanks to Wiimm for all his help on this, thanks man :)
Also uses wget from cygwin package
Also thanks to everybody who provided .dol versions and mod pack
files that I did not have

This will combine an ISO copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii
and riivolution-style packs of the following Mods:

- Newer SMBW (by NewerTeam)
- Cannon SMBW (by Leplap and Weland)
- Another SMBW (by Skawo)
- Newer Summer Sun (by NewerTeam)
- Newer Holiday Special (by NewerTeam)
- Epic Super Bowser World (by Leplap and Weland) create a standard ISO/WBFS version of the selected Mod.

Should work with All EUR and USA versions, and JPN v1 version.
Except for Another, which only supports USA and EURv1.

1. Extract contents of this .zip file to a new working directory.
Get your ISO of NSMBW, and copy it to the same directory as
this README file.

2. Copy the contents of the Mod you want (the riivolution folder containing its
xmls AND the folder of content along with the riivolution folder) to this same
directory as this README file.

3. Run Build_ISO.bat, follow its prompts and wait for it to build
the Mod ISO.

4. Use/run the newly built ISO/WBFS however way you would :P

5. Enjoy!

Generated ISO has Header GameID of:
Newer SMBW: SMNx03
Cannon SMBW: SMNx04
Another SMBW: SMNx05
Newer Summer Sun: SMNx06
Newer Holiday Special: SMNx07
Epic Super Bowser World SMNx08

Where "x" is the letter for your base ISO's region (P for EUR, E for usa, J for JPN).

There is also an option to change the tmd/ticket ID of KMNx to keep savegames
seperate from the original game's one in Data Management.

Also, there is also to option to download a custom banner (.bnr aka
"Disc Channel" display) for the ISO/WBFS from AbdallahTerro's repository, or provide
your own. Your .bnr files go in the "banners" folder, with the Mod's GameID as its filename
(e.g. SMNP03.bnr for EUR Newer).

Known Issue:
.iso output seems to be bugged for some people, the resulting .iso is good for use
by backup manager to transfer to USB HDD, but trying to load it directly (via burned disc,
or emulator, etc.) seems to fail, unsure why.
.wbfs output file seems to work perfectly though.

Change log (1.04):
- fixed nasty bug that broke Newer Summer Sun
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