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Hide and Seek 0.9

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Creates a Wii hidden channel from a .dol
A Wiiload channel installer is also included.

Change log (0.9):
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hide and Seek 0.9 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

17/07/2009 WiiCrazy (I.R.on)

* A simple hidden channel creator for homebrew
* You can create hidden channels and launch them using Crazy Intro
or any other loader that supports launching them. (currently none)
* Hidden channels don't have banners so there is a minimum risk
of brick. Still don't use them if you don't have preloader and/or
* Hidden channels are legal to distribute as long as you are
the author or has the permission from the author for the executable
in the hidden channel. They don't contain any ninty stuff.
* Thanks for all those who tested!
kyogc, WiiLee, nknave, GreyDeath, wii_128, ThatDudeWithTheFood,
justinrocks123, markehmus, Petewithf33t, SherlockHolmeboy
* Extra thanks for ThatDudeWithTheFood who supplied the Crap
Installer background.
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