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GuiDDD 0.4 Nightly Build

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Graphic User Interface For Dimok's Disk Dumper

Change log (0.4 Nightly Build):
[*]This version its .rar packed into an SFX, it extracts 4 temporal files to %temp% to use temp, this files are the ones from dimok ddd v0.3
[*]It TRIES to read in real time the log from the title dumper, this feature its VERY EARLY, and only applied to Full Game Dump, i REALLY need people to test it, and tell me if they can see the debug log in real time, or they see it until the game dumps or the user stops the dump, or turn of the wii u, or whatever. the CMDCapture its executed on its own thread, so it supposed to be in real time. but cant test it atm. so again, if you can test if, PLEASE REPORT BACK AND TAG ME!
[*]Added the option to select the SD Card and extract the Wii U .elf file.
[*]And some other minimal tweaks.
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