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FF Viewer Legacy Installer 1.399

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This program was made by James Blandford
The installer was made by Big Daddy

James Blandford's Website:

Big Daddy's Youtube:

Do not update the program no matter what. Please give credit

This is meant so that when you have a .ff file you can set .ff Viewer as the Default so that it's easier to use

Important on Usage:
Make sure that you always run the program as Administrator!

How to Run as Administrator:
1). Right click on the Shortcut(Located on Desktop)
2). Click on Properties
3). Go to "Compatibility"
4). Look at "Privilege Level"
5). Click on the box that says "Run this program as an administrator"
6). Click on "Apply" & Click on "OK"
7). Done!

What will it do?
It will always run as an Administrator so that when you open your .ff File it will be able to access the required file in "Program files" or what ever location you installed FF Viewer.

Have Fun people & keep on looking for updates!!

Change log (1.399):
There is a output folder now
Why? because without the output folder it will not work!!
And FF Viewer Should work faster
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