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CRAP 3.3B [Wiiflow & uloader support added] 1.0

CRAP is a channel creator for wii game fowarders, used with a USB harddrive. It supports all known usb loaders, Wiiflow and Uloader support added from a user named Ransmith

-Open Crap.exe
-Choose to open WBFS drive
-Choose your Wii game
-Now choose your loader
-When everything is set, choose create wad, it will be sent to the wad folder
-Finally, put the wad onto your SD card, and install with wad manager

Other Info:
-Supports alt dol loading
-can choose what ios to load when choosing wiiflow option, good for games like rockband that need a certain ios for the microphone to work

Change log (1.0):
- Wiiflow option for loader added
- Uloader option for loader added
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