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CleanRip 1.0

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CleanRip 2.0
CleanRip is a Gamecube and Wii optical disc backup tool for the Nintendo Wii.

The "Clean" in CleanRip comes from the fact that this tool does not require nor utilize any custom IOS (cIOS). It simply requires that you have the latest Homebrew Channel (HBC) installed. Also, if it finds that IOS58 is installed, you will be able to rip discs at USB 2.0 speeds.


FAT32 / NTFS file system support

USB 2.0 Support

Front SD Support

Gamecube / Wii / Wii Dual layer disc dumping

File Splitting (1,2,3GB or Maximum file size - use only on NTFS)

MD5 sum presented to the user on successful rip

Wii running the latest HBC (

Wii or GC Controller

USB or SD storage device (>1.35GB free space)


libNTFS - Tantric/rodries (

libOGC/devKitPPC - shagkur / WinterMute

Team Twiizers for the HBC/Bootmii ( .. and you, the users of course :)

Change log (1.0):
v1.0 - Initial release
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