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cIOS_installer 36r6

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cIOS Installer Xr21
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Installs cIOSX rev21 by waninkoko.

1) Extract the folder to the Apps folder on the SD card
2) For offline install: Get the IOS wad you want to use as base with NUS Downloader
3) Run the Installer with HBC
4) Choose IOS36 (or IOS249 if you already had a cIOS). If IOS36 doesn't work, follow a guide to restore the Trucha Bug.
5) Choose wad install for offline mode or network install for online mode

Like always, this pack includes a icon.png and meta.xml for the HBC.

Enjoy! ^_^


Description inherited from version Xr21

Change log (36r6):
[ CIOS36 rev 06 ]:

- Custom DIP module removed.
- DIP module patched (DIP plugin) to support backups.
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