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cIOS Installer Xr20b

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cIOS Installer Xr21
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Installs cIOSX rev20 by waninkoko. If you already used the cIOSX rev20 Installer, you don't need to use this one.

1) Extract the folder to the Apps folder on the SD card
2) For offline install: Get the IOS wad you want to use as base with NUS Downloader
3) Run the Installer with HBC
4) Choose IOS36 (or IOS249 if you already had a cIOS). If IOS36 doesn't work, follow a guide to restore the Trucha Bug.
5) Choose wad install for offline mode or network install for online mode

Like always, this pack includes a icon.png and meta.xml for the HBC (unlike all other packs)

Enjoy! ^_^


Change log (Xr20b):
Fixed the bug in the Installer that prevented the installation from completing on some consoles.
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