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cIOS Installer Xr19

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cIOS Installer Xr21
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Installs cIOSX rev19 by waninkoko

You can choose different IOSs as base this time!

Possible IOSs:
IOS37-64-v3869.wad -> Instruments.
IOS38-64-v3867.wad -> Same as previous cIOSs, Stable
IOS57-64-v5661.wad -> Works best with newer games
IOS60-64-v6174.wad -> Better Network Support
IOS70-64-v6687.wad -> SD(HC) Improvements

Note: You will need the newest Wad manager to let it work with cIOSs that use bases other than 38.

1) Extract the folder to the Apps folder on the SD card
2) For offline install: Get the IOS wad you want to use as base with NUS Downloader
3) Run the Installer with HBC
4) Choose IOS36 (or IOS249 if you already had a cIOS). If IOS36 doesn't work, follow a guide to restore the Trucha Bug.
5) Choose wad install for offline mode or network install for online mode

Like always, this pack includes a icon.png and meta.xml for the HBC (unlike all other packs)

Enjoy! ^_^


Credits go to Det1re for the screenshot:

Change log (Xr19):
[ CIOSX rev 19 ]:

- Fixed the cover register emulation in DIP plugin.
- Fixed bug in DIP and FFS plugins (this caused the SDHC module bug).
- Fixed USB device support in FAT module.
- Removed support for invalid FAT characters in FAT module.
- Added support for invalud FAT characters in FFS plugin.
- Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.
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