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cIOS - Installer 38r13b

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cIOS Installer Xr21
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This application installs cIOS38 rev 13b by waninkoko (update on cIOS38r13)
It enables backup launching (can be used with backup launchers or USB loader)

-copy the folder to the apps folder on your SD card
-rename the cIOS38_rev13b-Installer.dol to boot.dol
-optionally (for wad installation), place the IOS38-64-v3610.wad in the root of the sd card. you need to google it, or use the NUS downloader (0000000100000026 and v3610)
-run the installer with the homebrew channel
-select IOS249
-follow instructions on screen

I used the same icon.png ( made by matriculated, view all his work on wii-hacking) and meta.xml

enjoy ^_^


Change log (38r13b):
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