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Wii NAND Extractor

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Wii NAND Extractor

Allows you to browse and extract Wii NAND dumps, including BootMii and any other full ECC dump.

Single file or selected directory extraction supported.


* Open a dump file.
* Use the "Extract All" menu option, or right click on a file/directory and select "Extract".

Written in C#, source code included.

© Ben Wilson / parannoyed

Check for updates.



20090914: 0.1.2 - Updated for BootMii b3 and any ECC dump.
- Supports extraction of any full (with ECC) Wii NAND dump .
- Now looks for BootMii keys.bin in the same directory as NAND file.
- Allows manual entry and saving of NAND key.

20090903: 0.1.1 - Initial release
- Only supports BootMii b1 and b2

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