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Wii 4.3.1 Soft-Mod Eveything needed to get started 05-28-2014 4.3.1

( Updated 05-28-2014 )

12 Steps to Soft Modding your 4.3.1 Nintendo Wii

Step 1
Connect your Nintendo Wii to the Internet and update to 4.3.1 ( Do it again even if you already have Homebrew for a fresh start just to be on the safe side )

Step 2
Get your 2GB or more SD card and input it into the computer and then Delete Everything off your SD card and place the contents of part 1 onto it
so in the end you should only have a Private Folder and a Boot.elf file

Don`t have a copy of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl game?

Use LetterBomb Instead of Smash Stack it`s much easier, just go to and download LetterBomb and click download then input your wii`s MAC
code ( Found by going to your wii`s internet settings and clicking Console Information ) be sure to click the box for Bundle the HackMii Installer for me!
then input the Captcha internet code then cut the ( Red wire ) then download LetterBomb
Un-zip the RAR file and drag and drop the Private Folder and Boot.elf files onto the main root of your SD card

Step 3
Put SD card back into your Wii and search your wii messages it could be anywhere from 10 days ago or 10 days later

Step 4
Click on the letter once you found it and wait for it to load and then wait a few more seconds and then push 1 then install Homebrew channel and Bootmii as IOS
then exit both the installer and Homebrew Channel

Step 5
Bring your SD card back to your computer Delete everything off of it again and then put everything from part 2 onto it so all 9 folder and 7 files

Step 6
Put the SD card back into the Wii and go to Homebrew Channel and enter then push the Home the Wiimote and select launch Bootmii then your screen should
go a little strange and then load a list of things ( If you leave it alone for long enough a screen saver will appear your Wii not broken )

Step 7
Select Remove Stubbed IOSs 1. IOS 222 223 249 250 254

Step 8
Select Remove Stubbed IOSs 2. IOSs 4 10 11 16 20 30 50 51 60

Step 9 ( Note: If steps 7 and 8 don`t work try step 9 first then 7 and 8 and 9 again )
Select Wad Manager and push 1 to Install all 19 wads at once then Exit Bootmii and go back to the Main Wii Menu

Step 10
Install the Emulators as channels and the WiiMC as a Channel and Install miospatcher ( If your wii is before June 2008 ) to play Free Burnt off GC games
I suggest pushing X

Step 11
Install d2x-cios-installer
Settings : V6 / Base 56 / Slot 248 then push A to continue once completed leave d2x-cios-installer

Step 12
Install d2x-cios-installer
Settings : V6 / Base 57 / Slot 247 then push A to continue once completed leave d2x-cios-installer

congratulations you Soft-Modded your 4.3.1 Nintendo Wii

What to do After you are finished Soft-modding your 4.3.1 Nintendo Wii ( All Files needed are now included )

Bring your SD card back to your computer and Delete everything off of it and put everything from part 3 on there
Files may or may not be out dated and you may have to update them
you can use from your computer or you Homebrew Browser from you Wii to get the updates

Go to or your Homebrew Browser and check out there List of all homebrew Applications and Homebrew games

I suggest turning your hard drive into a Fat32 you can Backup your Wii games by ripping them to your hard drive depending on if your Wii was before June 2008
also you can play your roms from your and install WADS hard drive instead of putting them onto your SD card
here is a link that can help you change your HDD -

Be sure to plug your USB Hard Drive into the ( RIGHT SIDE ) of the Wii is standing up and if laying down then the ( Bottom )

On your External Hard Drive make a folder called WBFS this is where your Wii games will go

I suggest using JDownloader for muilti-part links like Mediafire and or other
here is a link -

Make your Wii games smaller and save space by making your .ISO into a .WBFS use Wii Backup Manager Build 78

Burning off Gamecube and Wii games to DVD ( - R ) I suggest the slower the better
Mirror 7 - Provided by ImgBurn Here is a link -

Winrar will be needed to un-zip files needed ( It says it will expire but it never does you will have it until you un-install )
Winrar 32-bit here is a link -
Winrar 64-bit here is a link -;2


Change log (4.3.1):
Updated as of 05-28-2014
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