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USB Loader GX Dôjutsu Theme 0.002 (indev)

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This is a beginning of my theme of USB Loader GX.Multiple dôjutsu from naruto will be used.To use it,just go to your USB Loader GX theme folder (it should in *:\apps\usbloader_gx\theme) then unzip the .them file and the folder in it.

If the background is not showing up,rename the backgroung.png file in the folder to wbackground.png.

Report a bug,problem or you have idea for picture that i don't have already made? I will accept them with pleasure in the discussion on gbatemp.

Change log (0.002 (indev)):

-Remove some awkward 0 in the file version.
-corrected the default boxart.

New thing

-All cursor (rpoint,point and grab,1 to 4 player) made (and very proud of it :) ).
-Install button
-Change the color of the text and move the space left a little more up to make it more visible.
-Mount DVD-ROM picture.
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