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Multiboot 1.0

MultiBoot 1.0
Written by Dack Jan/Feb 2009

What is it?

A small homebrew channel application based on the softchip R82 sources that
allows for the starting of applications in any of the partitions on a multipartition

And that means?
If, for example, you had several games stored in partitions on the disc then you would be able
to start them individualy.

1. It boots all types of partitions from the disc
2. Better than my usual ICON

1. How many partitions you can have on a disc. Nintendo have certain rules about the number
of partitions in the primary table (three), but seem to have no limits on tables 1 to 3.
If you create a disc with more than 3 partitions in the primary table then the disc is rejected
by the Wii.

1. Save games seem to have different slots to those created when booted from the disc channel.
They still all work.

This download consists of the following apps:

Change log (1.0):
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