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Mighty Channels BETA4

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Mighty Channels 11.1
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Mighty Channels is the successor of Triiforce mrc. The GUI was rewritten from scratch and now it looks better than ever.
Remember: this is only a beta. Most features could be broken.

* New minimalist GUI with images
* Sort games with B button
* Configure games with 1 button
* Downloads channel images automatically from
* It includes simple but useful NAND management functions
* Custom skin support

Change log (BETA4):
* Manage NAND option is disabled
* compatibility should be the same as Triiforce mrc+rev17, if you have a game that worked before and now it doesn't please report it
* Real NAND should work now
* games can be moved again
* you can select the IOS to use, just use HBC parameters in meta.xml. example: --ios=250
* Skin support added (images go to /config/mighty/, there is a retro skin included in the package)
* images are stored on /config/mighty/channels/
* it downloads only images of their region (Triiforce mrc tried to download PAL and NTSC) so maybe some images are not available yet
* autoboot is also now a parameter: --auto=SD or --auto=USB
* creates savegames for games that need them (Bit Trip series), please try this feature
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