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Dop-IOS MOD 11

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DOP-Mii 16 (WiiBrew Edition)
Dop-IOS MOD is a modification of Dop-IOS, which allows you to choose which IOS you would like to use to install other IOSes, with or without the Trucha bug.

Change log (11):
- Any WiiRemote or GameCube pad can now be used
- Fixed NUS offline installations
- Power button on Wii and Wii Remote now works
- Reset Button on the Wii will now exit to loader.
NOTE: If performing an install the reset and power buttons will not exit until the install is finished.
- Added Scan Wii Internals to display various information about the IOSes installed.
NOTE: It is a known issue that it will not pick up all IOSes installed. This will be fixed in v12.
- Console should fit the screen better now.
- The Shopping Channel was hardcoded to version 18. It will now get the latest version from NUS.
- IOSes can now be installed from WAD from the SD/USB. Channels and System Menu will come in v12.
- FakeSign Restorer (aka Trucha Bug Restore) will now install IOS36 in 1 step.
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