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Thanks goes out to the hardworking coders who built this scene, without them none of this would be possible. Some that come to mind in no particular order are Marcan, bushing, Waninkoko, Hermes, Tantric, and atilla. I also would like to thank those of you who keep using my Guides, and a special thank you to the testers from #wiimod on Efnet!

Change log (0.9):
1) Made much simpler by the hard work of Attila, the maker of Pimp My Wii. The guide is now about 4 steps.
2) Added Indiana Pwns and Smashstack for 4.3 installs (these methods require you to have Lego Indy or SSBB).
3) Added a patched Priiloader 0.5 beta 2 to work with the latest HBC (yes it will autoload)
4) Shortened, rewrote and clarified some parts that users thought were vague or hard to understand.
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