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WODE Jukebox 2.1X

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WODE Jukebox 2.9
Get the channel here:
You can grab a WODE forwarder DOL at

To update the Wode's system firmware download the update and copy it to an SD card formatted with the FAT filesystem. Insert the SD card into Wode and power on. Wode will then display the message "Wode Updating". The update process can take several minutes, when the update is complete Wode will reboot. The SD card can then be removed.

Change log (2.1X):
- Removed Autoboot
- Removed Wii Channel from autoload options
- GC menu updated

- Sends MOTOR_STOP at startup
- Faster scanning for games
- Fixed GC ISO reload when ejecting game
- Fixed GC ISO from boot & HDD detection bug
- Fixed HB App Eject
- Fixed Sakura Wars #001 error
- Fixed HBC eject / disk swap issue

- SD card recognized at boot
- NTFS-3G R/W support for NTFS. (2.1A only)
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