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WODE Jukebox 1.20

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WODE Jukebox 2.9
To update the Wode's system firmware download the update and copy it to an SD card formatted with the FAT filesystem. Insert the SD card into Wode and power on. Wode will then display the message "Wode Updating". The update process can take several minutes, when the update is complete Wode will reboot. The SD card can then be removed.

Change log (1.20):
- Added GC menu interface
- Changed settings, added CFG & FLAT settings
- Enhanced HDD detection
- Enhanced game ISO detection
- Enhanced GC streaming audio support
- Enhanced settings menu
- First release of GC interface
- First release of DI interface
- Setting to turn on the Wii when a disc is inserted

Flat Mode:
- Fixed SSBB issue in flat mode
- Stability improvement
- BCA read @0x100
- Update-Blocker stability improvement]
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