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USB Loader GX 2.3 rev1154

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USB Loader GX 3.0
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This package includes:
* V2.3 of USB loader GX
* icon.png
* icon2.png
* meta.xml
* readMii.txt
* language files

Install in sd:/apps/usbloader_gx and launch using HBC or one of the forwarders.

- SDHC and USB HDD device support
- The GUI is completely based on the awesome libwiigui by Tantric
- Configurable Background Music
- Theme downloader
- Widescreen (auto-detect)
- Cover images download
- Cover styles: 2d, 3d, disc
- Per game configuration of Video mode, Language, Ocarina cheating
- Parental control
- USB HDD with multiple partitions supported
- SDHC with multiple partitions supported
- FAT/NTFS/EXT2/3/4 game launching support
- Image/config save on FAT/NTFS/EXT
- Custom IOS selection.
- Compatibility for all cIOS version of Waninkoko and Hermes
- Lot's of new IOS slot supports (from 200-255)
- Game banner Sounds
- Marking new installed games
- 3 different game view layouts
- Return to loader from a running game
- Loading games from .wbfs or .iso files on a FAT/NTFS/EXT partition
- Loading games from DVD
- Game titles and informations through the WiiTDB
- Look and feel like the original Wii Menu: Use rumble feature, button sounds, background music, disc slot lights up etc.
- Language file support
- Alternative dol support
- Homebrew launching
- Global Settings and "per game" settings
- And more

USB Loader GX GBAtemp discussion:
For all your questions and answers

Complete revision history:

New beta testing link (SVN releases):

Old beta testing link:

Change log (2.3 rev1154):
Log message

*updated file system libraries (see R1153)
*fixed mount of game discs with virtual pointer

R1153 :

*updated libntfs-wii to version 2012.1.15
*updated libext2fs to e2fsprogs 1.42
*updated libfat to R4883
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