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Mighty Loader 17.2

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Mighty Loader is a minimalist USB Loader for Wii, based on original Waninkoko's code and adapted to the newest games that are being released in order to increase the compatibility.

Unlike other USB Loaders, this one has the minimum options for getting the maximum compatibility, it dispends most of other USB Loader's options that only makes it harder and slower to tune up the program.


- USB Loader (no SD support)
- Supports only WBFS partitions
- Ocarina cheats
- Automatic alternative DOL selection
- IOS reloading support with cIOS d2x
- Different IOS can be specified for games
- Download covers from
- Wii Play Log support

A button: play game
1 button: config game
B button: sort games
HOME button: home menu

Change log (17.2):
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