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WiiXplorer r195

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WiiXplorer is a multi-device file explorer for the Wii by Dimok using graphics by NeoRame and a customized libwiigui as base for the GUI. It has several additional features to execute various of filetypes like on an actual explorer.

Change log (r195):
- Added possibility to download an URL in the startmenu if you set it as a
download link (new question when adding anR url)
- Removed the bootup mount option. The app now boots always to the last used
- Fixed halt on network init even when it failed
- OnScreenKeyboard can be opened now right from the start of the texeditor
- Changable slideshow delay range increased
- Some changes on the progressbar regarding the reset of the total tranfered size
- Lot's of optimizations in code (more use of macros)
- Initial doxgen commit (though i don't have so many comments yet)
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