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WiiXplorer r175

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A multi device file explorer for the Wii by dimok, r-win and dude with a GUI made with LibWiiGui by Tantric with graphics by NeoRame.

FTP Server doesn't work for Ethernet-Adapters (maybe for some Wifis too) if you install IOS202 v5 based on IOS57. Also there is no Channel list in the StartMenu with that.
It is recommended to use the very old Hermes IOS202v2 base 36 merged 60 for the FTP to work.
You'll have all features of WiiXplorer with it. If this doesn't work try another variant of it like v4 base 38 merged 60. If you don't want the old version installed on your Wii (which gives no disadvantages btw) live with FTP Server not working!!

Change log (r175):
Added a multicolor blend funtion which generates an image using GX and so
doesn't need much memory. This saves ~1.5MB overall global memory since a
background image or progressbar image is no longer needed.

-Background image is now a multicolor blending image (as before but now
generated by GX and not a png). It is made out of 4 colors (corners) which blend
over in each other. You can configure the Colors in the settings and change with
that the background image.
-Changes to Progressbar:
-Made it to a Class/Instance
-Made ProgressBar a multicolor image like the background. The colors can
be configured in the Settings for empty and full progressbar.
-Made Progressbar go up a lot smoother now (drawing each pixel instead
of each 4 pixel).
-The progress speed is now calculated more accurate.
-Next upcoming will be a total progress progressbar below the current
-Added rumble support. Can be disabled in the Settings.
-Added filter for System Files (beginning with "$" or "." and "thumb.db"). Can
be disabled in the Settings.
-Added Reload to orginal Entrace IOS (from HBC) before booting a homebrew
-Changed MusicPlayer "next music playback" code. It no longer uses it's own
thread. Saves one thread.
-Added proper 16:9 resolution/display now (looks weird at first). Please report
wrong aligned elements if i missed some.
-Some fixups and cleanups
-Updated language files
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