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WiiXplorer r168

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A multi device file explorer for the Wii by dimok, r-win and dude with a GUI made with LibWiiGui by Tantric with graphics by NeoRame.

FTP Server doesn't work for Ethernet-Adapters (maybe for some Wifis too) if you install IOS202 v5 based on IOS57. Also there is no Channel list in the StartMenu with that.
It is recommended to use the very old Hermes IOS202v2 base 36 merged 60 for the FTP to work.
You'll have all features of WiiXplorer with it. If this doesn't work try another variant of it like v4 base 38 merged 60. If you don't want the old version installed on your Wii (which gives no disadvantages btw) live with FTP Server not working!!

Change log (r168):
-Added Keyboard Shift and Backspace quick access buttons to control settings
-Made Backspace quickbutton holdable on onscreenkeyboard. The delete delay
(speed) is configurable in the settings.
-Made some paths scroll instead of dotted (issue 271)
-Added a browse for path option for custom paths. You can either type them in or
browse for them now. ( issue 276 )
-Fixed file being played after going to homemenu even if it was stopped ( issue
275 )
-Made Browser return to the path that was last browsed from the settings or
wherever (issue 271)
-Raised compile optimization level
-Source cleanup
-A few fix ups
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