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WiiSX beta 1 mod2

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WiiSX beta 2.1.1[a]
WiiSX is a PSX emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

This is WiiSX version Beta 1 mod2 by Jacobeian
Sources included.

Change log (beta 1 mod2):

+Auto detect if HBC is there before exiting, otherwise returns to System Menu
+Compiled against a modified libfat: will use USB as default if detected
+Classic Controller support
+Useful (?) Combos Keys:
*Frame Limiter ON/OFF (Hold Classic Button HOME then press Full R trigger), default is ON
*FPS Display ON/OFF (Hold Classic Button HOME then press Full L trigger), default is ON
*Exit to HBC or System Menu (auto detected) (Hold Classic Button HOME then press PLUS button)
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