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WiiEarth 2.2

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WiiEarth allows you to use your Wiimote to navigate (and zoom-in on) the Earth, using Google Maps and similar services. You can switch between viewing with OpenStreetMap, Live (Maps, Satellite) and Google (Maps, Satellite, Terrain).

Change log (2.2):
Version 2.2

Added widescreen support
Added always visible background tiles
Fixed graphical glitches in overlay text
Fixed tile downloading issues:
Google out-of-bandwidth tiles no longer give graphical weirdness
More TCP support means less empty tiles
Some DNS issues solved
Version 2.1

Added Google images
Reversed A & B button
Version 2

Removed Google images (captcha problem)
Added OpenStreetMap images
Way faster downloading of tiles
disappearing cursor problem fixed (since latest libogc was used)
Cool new icon (thanks Wilsoff)
Other cool stuff
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