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wii-emuloader 2.0

old wii homebrew - emulator loader

If you know what this is and you're looking for then you're in luck, if you don't know what this is then you probably don't want it. It probably got lost when tehskeen went down.

This is a program that enables you to load & run the following emulators on your Nintendo Gamecube/Wii:

- Genesis Plus (Sega Megadrive)
- SMS Plus (Sega Master System & Game Gear)
- FCEuGC (Nintendo Entertainment System)
- GnuboyGX (Gameboy & Gameboy Color)
- Snes9xGX (Super Nintendo)
- HugoGC (NEC Pc-Engine)
- NeoPop (SNK NeoGeo Pocket)
- Neo-CD Redux (SNK NeoGeo CD)

These emulators are NOT provided with this release.
Last versions of emulator binaries (dol), sourcecode, documentation & original credits
can be found on Tehskeen's development forum:

This project is now splitted in two separated applications:

1) emuloader.dol is running in GC mode, it needs to be packed with a 7zip archive containing
the emulators you want to use, see the [GAMECUBE Version] section below and follow the installation steps.

2) emuloader_wii.elf, emuloader_wii_pal60.elf are running in Wii mode. You can directly boot
the appropriate version with your favorite elf loader. DOLS version are also provided. See the
[WII] section below to know how to use the application.

Change log (2.0):
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