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VectrexWii 0.2

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VectrexWii 0.3
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VectrexWii is a Wii port of Vecx, a Vectrex emulator written by Valavan Manohararajah. ROMs must be placed within a folder named vec at the root of either SD or USB. The file extension must be .vec.

The main menu works as follows:
There are 4 options: The first one starts the emulation. The second one lets you choose your "cartridge" which can be your SD or USB (or NA if you want to play the built in ROM). The third option lets you set your joystick, which can be a Wii or GC (the program only cares about channel/port 1 respectively) and will be the controller that will be listened to during the emulation (both are able to return to the main menu by pressing HOME/START respectively). Lastly, you can return to the homebrew channel.

Any button will trigger the selected option except for the PADs, HOME and START. If you have ROMs in both USB and SD "Cartridge" will scroll to the first option when the last one is reached and you press a button again. HOME and START will automatically put the cursor at the "Exit" option, if it is already there the program will quit. You move the cursor by pressing UP/DOWN. You browse through the ROMs (whose names are shown at the bottom of the screen) in the current "Cartridge" with LEFT/RIGHT (Wiimote held horizontally).

Change log (0.2):
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