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Txt-read 1.1

txt-read is a simple text reader app for the Wii. It can read any file stored in plain text format. It uses the Wii's console, and has all the features you would expect from an app nowadays (Wiimote, Front SD, and Homebrew Channel support). "Me" in this document refers to Muzer, who wrote the readme, the other devs are referred to by name.
This project is on hold whilst I get other more interesting things done. I might return to this if I ever get bored in the future. The latest SVN version has more features than the latest stable. The update server is down.
To get the SVN version, go to and follow the instructions (I'm assuming you use a good operating system, or at least a decent operating system and have the subversion package installed (sudo aptitude install subversion or su -c "aptitude install subversion" or su -c "yum install subversion" or sudo yast -i subversion depending on distro). People with a crap operating system will have to improvise.) A pre-compiled version is always available in the SVN.

Change log (1.1):
All versions starting with "0" are unstable betas. Older versions are available on google code under deprecated versions.
0.1: First stable version
0.2: First released version, added code to stop lines longer than the Wii's display width from breaking it.
0.3: Added option to disable line numbers
0.4: Fixed bug where some lines will be missed off the end of files meeting specific requirements
0.5: Added file selector (currently buggy but works) (thanks to CraZzy).
1.0: Finished file selector (partially me, partially CraZzy) - with subdirectories and proper scrolling and skip 5 files feature, added quick usage info, fixed many bugs, added option to toggle numbers, added a return to selector feature, added a progress bar, reinstated support for arguments.
1.1: Proper main menu, credits, fixed some bugs, added saving of certain settings, libwiiupdate, USB Keyboard Support, Wii Disc Slot Lighting, and many more.
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