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Toy Wars Wii 0.7

Toy Wars is a game in which you take the role of a group of toys which fight in a house. It's heavily inspired on Toy Commander, that great old game from SEGA Dreamcast.

The controls:
The game is designed to be played with the classic Gamecube controller. If you want to use the Wiimote+Nunchuck you'll need to copy the "config" file attached to the root of the SD card.
Triggers: Accelerate/Decelerate/Brake (both at the same time)
Shoot: Button A & B (primary and sec.)
Weapon change: X in combination with arrows (digital pad)
Vehicle change: Y in combination with digital pad
Start: pause.
Digital pad: camera movement.

Unpack the ZIP file.
You should have your dol file in apps/toywars/ and in the ROOT of the SD card you should have the .data file and you have to create and empty folder called "profiles", if you don't create it it won't work.
Also copy the config file to use wiimote+nunchuck.

Change log (0.7):
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