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Tick Tock Zombie Shooter 1.0

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Here is another time based game. In this one you need to kill 1000 zombies as quickly as possible.

It plays a lot like They Do Not Die and even has similar arrow people (which I know is an odd thing the carry over considering that it was something that a lot of people disapproved of) but its not really intended as a replacement for it. In a lot of ways it even falls short in comparison. They Do Not Die had a level editor, looked better, loaded faster, ran smoother and would infinity re spawn enemies and let you play indefinitely. But that is not to say that Tick Tock Zombie Shooter isn’t worth trying out. It features destructible walls and four times as many zombies (the game really does have 1000 zombies alive at start up well They Do Not Die never had more then 250 at any given time on Wii).

I’m looking forward to hearing what fans of They Do Not Die think of this.

I’m also curious what if any kind of vehicles people would like to see get a Tick Tock Racing game. Keep in mind that I’m planning to put together a open world game and anything I make for one of these short stand alone games will get included in that.

Change log (1.0):
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