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RetroArch 0.9.9

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RETROARCH GX - WII EDITION is a modular multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight and portable. It has features few other dedicated emulator frontends have, such as real-time rewinding and game-aware shading.

++X++++++ A T T E N T I O N ++X+++++++++
Note: If you are upgrading from an earlier version,
please delete your old configuration files.

The Wii port of RetroArch has the following features:

- Real-time rewinding
- Switching between emulator cores seamlessly
- Ability to install new libretro cores

The following emulators/games have been ported to RetroArch and are included in the Wii release of RetroArch.

For more information about them, see the included
'retroarch-libretro-README.txt' file.

- Final Burn Alpha [version]
- Final Burn Alpha Cores (CPS1 - CPS2 - NeoGeo) [version] (**)
- FCEUmm (Nintendo Entertainment System) [recent SVN version]
- NEStopia (Nintendo Entertainment System) [1.44]
- QuickNES (NES) (NEW!)
- Gambatte (Game Boy | Super Game Boy | Game Boy Color) [v. 0.5 WIP]
- Genesis Plus GX (Genesis/Mega Drive | Sega CD) [version 1.7.3]
- Genesis Plus GX (Sega SG-1000 | Master System | Game Gear) [v. 1.7.3]
- SNES9x Next (Super Nintendo/Super Famicom) (v1.52.4)
- VBA Next (Game Boy Advance) (*)
- Mednafen PCE Fast (PC Engine/PC Engine CD/Turbografx 16)
- Mednafen Wonderswan (WonderSwan/ - Color/ - Crystal)
- Mednafen NGP (Neo Geo Pocket Color)
- Mednafen VB (Virtual Boy)
- NX Engine (Cave Story) (NEW!)
- Tyrquake (NEW!)
- Prboom (for playing Doom 1/Doom 2/Ultimate Doom/Final Doom)

All of the emulators listed above are the latest versions currently available. Most of them have been specifically optimized so that they will run better on Wii (some games would not reach fullspeed without these optimizations).

* Some games don't run at fullspeed on Wii (VBA Next is a RetroConsole Level 2 emulator port).
** The biggest Neo-Geo ROMs that can be loaded are around 23+MB in size, such as Real Bout Fatal Fury 1 and King of Fighters '96.

- Prboom wad
- Tyrquake pak
- SNES9x Next smc|fig|sfc|gd3|gd7|dx2|bsx|swc
- Genesis Plus GX md|smd|bin|gen|bin|sms|gg|sg|cue
- NXEngine/Cave Story exe
- VBA Next gba
- FCEUmm nes|unif
- NEStopia nes|fds
- Gambatte gb|gbc|dmg
- Final Burn Alpha zip
- Mednafen PCE pce|cue
- Mednafen Wonderswan ws|wsc
- Mednafen NGP ngp
- Mednafen VB vb

(!) This is the Wii-Edition of RetroArch. (!)
If you need it for GameCube, OpenPandora, PS3, XBox and so on please look for the corresponding download.

Change log (0.9.9):
* (Wii) Add additional VI resolutions.
* (Wii) Optimize Wii video driver by using inlined macros for certain fixed-function state code.
* [SNES9x Next] No longer disable high resolution for SA-1 games for Xbox 1 /Wii / Gamecube
* [SNES9x Next] Seiken Densetsu 3/Romancing Saga 3 no longer downsample to low-resolution for high-resolution modes on Xbox 1/Gamecube/Wii
* [SNES9x Next] Add Core Option - 'SuperFX Overclock'.
* [SNES9x Next] [Gamecube/Wii] Use sthbrx/stwbrx for READ_WORD/WRITE_WORD macros - speedup.
* [Gambatte] Fixed serious input reporting bug on libretro side that could drastically slow down gameplay speed - found an edge case in a Japanese Pokemon Blue version that triggered this.
* [Gambatte] Make colorization optional and not enforced through use of a Core Option.
* [FCEUmm] Should load UNIF ROM format now.
* [NEStopia] Fixes Famicom Disk System support.
* [NEStopia] L/R now inserts coins on Vs. System games
* [NEStopia] Add Core Option 'Sprite Limit'.
* [Mednafen] Add several Core Options for Mednafen PSX, Mednafen PCE Fast, Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket Color, etc.
* [Mednafen PSX] Add disk swap mechanisms - exposed through RGUI
* [PCSX ReARMed] Latest update to r19 fromnotaz (main author)
* [PCSX ReARMed] Totally rewritten ARM code by notaz in order to support outdated version of Apple's GAS (for iOS support)
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add disk swap mechanisms - exposed through RGUI
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add m3u Mednafen-style cuesheet support
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add core option 'Frameskip' - users with bad performance on Android should try out if setting this higher than 0 fixes their problems.
* [PCSX ReARMed] Add core options 'NEON enhanced resolution' and 'NEON enhanced resolution speedhack' - this is for systems with ARM NEON CPUs. Note that this will easily triple or even quadruple CPU requirements. If you have an underpowered CPU, you might want to try this out in combination with the 'Frameskip' option (setting it higher than 0) to make things somewhat playable.
* [Genesis Plus GX] Latest compatibility updates from ekeeke (main author)
* [Genesis Plus GX] Add Core Options for blargg NTSC, Overscan and Game Gear Extend Screen
* [Final Burn Alpha] Add several Core Options for going tO Service Mode, Resetting game, etc.
* (LIBRETRO) Added Tyrquake
* (LIBRETRO) Added ModelViewer and SceneWalker (for platforms which support
libretro GL).
* (LIBRETRO) NXEngine / Cave Story is now completely playable on consoles (Wii/PlayStation3/Xbox 1/Xbox 360) thanks to many code alterations. Performance is also much improved on the platforms which could already play them, such as Android and PC.
* (Shaders) New shaders- mdapt, new xBR versions, new Harlequin Gameboy/LCD shaders, etc.
* Threaded video option. Mainly for Android users but works for OpenGL driver in general.
* (RGUI) RGUI now works on PC, Android, iOS and Blackberry - and is no longer Wii-exclusive.
* (RGUI) RGUI is an ingame menu that can be toggled from within the game. It looks and functions a bit like MAME's OSD system. It is possible now to configure most of RetroArch's settings from this builtin menu instead of having to exit the game and go to an 'external' settings menu.
* (RGUI) Added a 'Game History' list.
* (RGUI) Added sophisticated shader stacking - for Cg shaders.
* (RGUI/Libretro) Add disk image swapping - supported by Mednafen PSX and PCSX ReARMed.
* (Libretro) Add libretro GL capability to libretro API. Supported currently by PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Raspberry Pi, and Pandora. Targets either GL 2.0 or GL ES 2.0. Targeting GL ES 2.0 is encouraged for maximum portability to mobile platforms.
* (Libretro/RGUI) Add Core Options. This makes it possible to 'expose' options for a libretro core to the frontend.
* (Libretro) Add SET_SUPPORT_NO_GAME to API.
* (RGUI) Change menu layout options.
* (Menus) Standardize RGUI, RMenu and RMenu XUI to look and work the same.
* (Overlays/RGUI) Overlays can now be scaled and their opacity changed from RGUI).
* (RMenu/RGUI) Add text scrolling when a text string is too large to fit onscreen.
* (RMenu XUI) Have all menu screens now use the same basic XUI template. Cuts down on a lot of code maintenance at the expense of language customization by end-users. A solution will be looked at later.
* (ZIP support) Switch from builtin zlib to miniz - less codebloat.
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