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Pimp My Wii 3.02

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"Pimp My Wii" will Hack your Wii, install missing or outdated IOS / titles, install the cIOS and mIOS necessary.

The program will detect missing or outdated IOS and check that you have the latest version of the Wii System Menu. It also checks if you have the latest versions of BC, MIOS and those channels : Wii Shop, News, Weather, Mii, Photo and Photo 1.1

If you don't have the latest versions of those titles, the program will download them, or read them from USB or SD to install them. When using this program, you will have all advantages from 4.1 cumulated from those of 3.2, and this without drawbacks !

It also install cIOS d2x (based on Waninkoko) (249, 250) v10 and v10 alt and cIOS from Hermes 202/222/223/224 rev5.1.
You can, if you want, install the cIOS from Waninkoko rev20/21 or d2x v6, 7, 8 or 9beta.
( You'll have to install it manually from the menu "Install cIOS" ).
Pimp installs the cMIOS from WiiGator.

See the included "readme" file for a full set of features.

It is compatible with NTSC-U, NTSC-J and PAL Wii consoles.
(Korean Wii theoricaly compatible).

This version is compatible to:
[x] Wii
[x] WiiU in Wii mode : But you absolutely need to place the wad files on your SD/USB device, because the IOS for the WiiU can't be downloaded directly.

Change log (3.02):
- Fix the installation of the cIOS d2x v10 beta 52 for an installation with emulated nand.
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