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Music Painter 0.1

(Please create file mirrors if you want to post this on any other site, so my personal webspace doesn't get overloaded).

I wasn't sure what category to place this in, because it's really not a Game, but when I think "App," I think of productivity tools, and this really isn't like that either....

In the end, I decided it is more like an "App" because it's really more like, say, MS Paint (clearly an app) than is it like Super Mario Bros, and it's more like a "Sound Board" type of tool than it is like, say, Guitar Hero....

It could kind of be called a "stress relief app," or just something to mess around with to pass the time (it really doesn't have any typical game-type elements...).

But anyway, if Dr. Neo's feels it's more like a Game, I'll go with his decision.

So what is it?

Kind of a Musical Doodling Tool/Toy....

I played an NDS app called AXE, and was inspired to create my own similar thing for the Wii.

You just point One or Two Wiimotes at the screen, and "Paint Music."

Button B = Normal Pitch
Button A = Higher Pitch
Buttons -/+ will change your Instrument
Buttons 1/2 will change the DrumTrack

Any number of people can participate!

One person can use 1 or 2 Wiimotes at the same time (dual-wielding!).

Or Two people can each use 1 Wiimote.

Or 3+ people can sit and watch and say, "Hey, it's my turn!!" while the first two people have fun....

Change log (0.1):
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