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HomebrewFilter rev 44

HomebrewFilter is a homebrew launcher for Wii and vWii

== About ==
The HomebrewFilter is an drop-in replacement for the Homebrew Channel ? it allows Homebrew applications to be loaded and sorted, among other more outstanding opportunities.

Compared to the Homebrew Channel, the HomebrewFilter features the following additional functionality (Wii version has several more):

load Homebrew from SD, USB or both
load Homebrew from FAT, NTFS or EXT2/3/4 formatted devices
categorize Homebrew (without the need to change directories)
download additional content directly from within The HomebrewFilter (Fonts, Themes, Languages)
on-the-fly updates via network connectivity
child-lock mode
screen adjustment options
edit meta.xml from within the HomebrewFilter
debugging WiFi and SD-Card (SD//config/HBF/debug.txt)

=== Installation ===
Run the Installer from any Loader (HBC, whatever). Requirements: HW_AHBPROT access or IOS236.

For the standalone Version install the Forwarder using a WAD Manager and place the app-folder in SD/USB:/apps/

=== Flavours ===
Starting with rev42 the HBF comes in 4 flavours:

Wii Installer: installs the fullchannel for Wii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter/)
Wii Standalone: standalone boot.dol with forwarderchannel for Wii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter.Standalone/)
vWii Installer: installs fullchannel for vWii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter.vWii/)
vWii Standalone: standalone boot.dol with forwarderchannel for vWii (Path: /apps/HomebrewFilter.vWii.Standalone/)

All versions are updatable via online-update. Don?t change paths ? will result in non-working updates/forwarders.

Don?t install vWii version on Wii and vice versa (channels won?t load else).

Change log (rev 44):
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