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Gravitii 0.5

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Gravitii is a puzzle game with a simple objective. All you have to do is shoot the ball at the target. The only problem is there are planets in the way. You must use the gravitii of the planets to curve your ball and hit the target, but be careful because every planet's gravity level is different.

Gameplay is simple, just click and hold A on the controller and drag the cursor across the screen to aim the ball. A arrow will appear that shows the current direction and power of your shot. Release A to fire the ball. Press B at any time during the ball's path to reset it. There are other buttons that have functions, which can be read below.

• point and click A to navigate.
• shooting the ball:
- click A and drag to shoot ball
- click 1 and drag to use the same power, while changing the angle
- click 2 and drag to use the same angle, while changing the power
- click B and while holding use the arrow keys to make minor adjustments to the previous shot
• while ball is active:
- Press B to destroy ball

Change log (0.5):
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