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Gnuboy GX 14-12-2008

Gnuboy GX is a port of the open source Gameboy emulator Gnuboy for the Wii.

Change log (14-12-2008):
* removed embedded font, (re)enabled IPL font support: now should works for Qoob users too (thanks to emukiddid)
* patched libfat for faster SDCARD accesses (thanks to svpe)
* various bugfixes, menu tweaks and code cleanup
[NGC only]
* added 480p support in menu
[Wii only]
* implemented fast scrolling in menu using Wiimote D-PAD
* added "Power" button support
* added USB Storage support
* Widescreen menu fix
* *new* libogc 1.7.0 features: SDHC support, Wiimote shutdown button support
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