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Desert Bus 1.04

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Your objective is pretty simple: stay on the road. You can tell if you're too far over the edge by the sound of crunching gravel. Staying there for too long will cause the bus to get bogged and you'll overheat. Likewise, remaining stationary will also cause overheating.
The desert scenery will reflect real-world time - if you play the game at night, you'll be driving at night. It will change as the day goes on (unlike the original, which had a habit of getting stuck in a night->dawn->night loop).
The full trip will take 8 hours, assuming you travel constantly at your top speed.
No, you can't pause the game. At all. If your wiimote batteries die, grab the number two wiimote and use that while you replace the batteries in number one.
The only way to exit the game manually is to use the power button on wii. This prevents accidental wiimote button presses from ruining your high score.

Change log (1.04):
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