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CosmoRaketti 1.0

QUOTECosmoRaketti is a superb 3D space shooter. You pilot your ship (with up for four friends) along a fully 3D environment. Fantastic game!

CosmoRaketti v1.0
A 3D space shooter by Tapio "Tassu" Pyrh?nen

Guide your spaceship inside futuristic 3D tunnels and shoot everything that comes in your way.


Copy the CosmoRaketti folder to your apps folder and launch with Homebrew Channel.


Hold the Wiimote like a toy airplane.
Turn the wiimote left, right, up or down to move.
Hold A or B to shoot.
Home button exits the game.


Music by HtheB (
Some modelling by Tommi Parvinen
Everything else was done by Tapio Pyrhonen

Change log (1.0):
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