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AnyTitle Deleter DB 1.0 v4

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AnyTitle Deleter DB is a modification of tuna's AnyTitle Deleter which adds some new features over the original application. One of them is to actually have proper names for most installed Wii titles (channels, IOS, etc...). This achieved by combining the use of a database and the information found in the "banner.bin" from the titles. A list of changes can be found in the changelog below.

Change log (1.0 v4):
* Checks the first .app file instead of just to allow more names to be found.
* For 0x10000 type TID, it checks the data and content folders. if there is 0 items in the data and only a title.tmd in the content, it puts a TMD! by the name (if the IOS will let it).
* There are 2 flavors, one that just uses the highest IOS counting down from 36 and one that uses 249.
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