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WiiFBASort 1.0

Retroarch's FBA (Final Burn Alpha) Wii compatibility list & Powershell sorting script

Change log (1.0):

Wii's FBA Compatibility List changes:
* Added (almost?) all supported clones, their "Status" & "Description" are copied from the parent game. May differ so should be tested.
* Added Capcom CPS 3 titles (I know it's too "Too demanding for the Wii CPU", just for completeness)
* Document saved as xlsx (Excel 2007+)
* Column "Driver" replaced by "Parent" for clones
* Column "Status" is autocolored now, colors are less aggressive
* Long names of the clones are trimmed as in the source file.
* Table's title is pinned
* Autofilter applied
* Zombie Raid marked as WORKING (see previous forum messages).

Auto-sorting script's changes:
* Shouldn't show errors in most cases anymore.
* Made it's output a little more verbose.
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