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Rain's IPL and Memory Stick Tool 2.0

In short this program can Inject, Dump, Erase and Check Memory Stick IPL's. It can also provide diagnostic information on the Memory Stick. The Time Machine IPL, Boosters Multi IPL, z3ros0ul's Single IPL, z3ros0ul Multi IPL, Classic Pandora IPL and both TA-088v3 ID Test IPL's are built into the application. It can format FAT32, FAT16 and on 2000/XP MSPformat the memory stick.

Main Functions
- Inject IPL to Memory Stick
- Erase IPL from Memory Stick
- Check Current Memory Stick IPL
- Extract Current Memory Stick IPL
- Check Available IPL Space

Secondary Functions
- Format Memory Stick
- Backup Memory Stick
- Create Folders

Change log (2.0):
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