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Linebreaker 1.1

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Hello folks, this program will format your existing
text files (like the stuff you got from GameFAQs,
you dirty rotten cheater). This program has several
input and output options and whatnot so read this
file please.

This program is written in Java so it should work on
all platforms (as the saying goes "Write Once, Debug
Everywhere!";). I have tested this program on OS X
10.5.4, OS X 10.4.10, and Windows XP. It should run
on other platforms like Linux and Windows Vista (or
even Sun disgust me). That being
said here are some basic instructions:

--- Windows ---

This requires the Java Runtime Environment. If you
don't know if you have it installed, go to Start
-> Run and type in "cmd" (without quote) and press
enter. Type "java" (without quotes). If you get
a big long scary message, you're good to go. If you
get a not recognized error, you need to install Java.

Download it from

Once installed all you should have to do is
double-click on the LineBreaker.jar file.
If that doesn't work, copy and paste the
following line:

java -jar LineBreaker.jar

In to a blank file with notepad and save it
as "LineBreaker.bat" (use quote marks). Then
double-click your newly created file.

--- Mac OS X ---

You come with Java pre-installed!!!! (Microsoft
and Sun [the creators of Java] had a nasty argument
over Microsoft's extensions to the language and
now MSFT doesn't include Java anymore with windows,
so huzza!)

Double-click the JAR file and you'll be good to go!

--- Linux ---

This should work as long as you have java installed.
I figure if you're hardcore enough to use Linux, you
can handle running a simple app.

Change log (1.1):
1.1 -- Third public release -- 8/10/2008
ADDED: Support for different line lengths
(i.e. DS/PSP/or custom)
FIXED: Improvements to smart mode (no longer
in beta)
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