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ISO Tool 1.975

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Takka's PSP ISO Tool. Decrypt EBOOT.BIN game files, repack ISOs, patch ISOs, and convert ISOs to CSO format. All from the PSP itself.

RoboticBuddy: Check discussion thread for more infomation.

Change log (1.975):
[BUG] (fake_np conversion) of the original ISO file Fixed: Failed to get to the size

[BUG] (fake_np conversion) and target files of the original ISO was too frozen to the difference in size Akira Osamu

[NEW] (fake_np transformation) since it appears that the dummy block is one problem, several modified to make

[NEW] (fake_np conversion) fake_np re-added to the menu for the data conversion. / data / fake_np / The following folders are created UMD titles

[NEW] (fake_np conversion) fake_np Deha無Ku NP.PBP conversion, changed as the original data folder you specify during the conversion data changed to use the above menu created Special Thanks said to irakusa
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