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ISO Tool 1.94

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Takka's PSP ISO Tool. Decrypt EBOOT.BIN game files, repack ISOs, patch ISOs, and convert ISOs to CSO format. All from the PSP itself.

Change log (1.94):
[BUG] Prometheus3-v3 folder specified correct mistakes
[BUG] 550_gen_d2 Fixed files remain under development
[NEW] implement a script (see script_doc.txt)
[NEW] on startup "script.txt" run immediately after it ends, if any, and the installer can easily use
[BUG] game.txt line endings and document output from the LF CR LF corrected
[NEW] auto_cfw integration (readme_auto_cfw.txt must be prepared in advance are listed)
Switching the CFW, please refer to the readme_cfw.txt

part auto_cfw
[NEW] slightly improve the stability of recovery sleep after
[BUG] 5.00/5.03 CFW on when using the Prometheus system, flash0 so fixed must be rewritten readme.txt
[BUG] flash0 seplugins and banned from double reading (5.50 in the same system and the MS can use 5.00M33-6)
[NEW] readme_auto_cfw.txt to describe the DEBUG mode
[NEW] Prometheus3-v4 support
[NEW] Prometheus3-v4 and prm.prx key.txt the ISO instead of changing to read from MS
[NEW] prm.prm to rename prml3v3.prx/prml3v4.prx
[NEW] 5.50 GEN-D2 operate the plug-in recommended changes to flash0 so unstable rewriting
[NEW] custom soundtrack support the use of masks
(M33Driver on automatically at ms0: / seplugins/636/libmp3.prx used)
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