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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker U 1.0

Peace Walker USA save file-

Start from Right after the tutorial mission/first cutscenes with Every Weapon and Every Item! This should be especially helpful for those that have PSP Go's, or unhackable (as of yet!) 2000/3000's with OFW above 5.03, and can't use CwCheats.

There aren't many of each item, but the Bandana should help with ammo!

No recruits other than those random people you start the game with, so you'll still have to people hunt/manage the Mother Base, etc.

I just wanted to eliminate the more annoying (to me!) aspects of the game (grinding to develop weapons/items) while still being able to enjoy the storyline. I used CwCheats on 3000, then copied the save file to my PSP Go.


Change log (1.0):
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